Aluminum Records, loosely speaking, is an anti-profit music releasing collective.

What that looks like is always shifting, as the people involved want and need different things from it. The primary focus is on bringing great media into the world while dodging as many of the pit-falls and baggage which come with operating under the burden of late capital. In less theoretical terms. Aluminum is a community of people of all types, around the world, who want to help support each other and make good music accessible to as many people as they can. To that end all the music we EVER release on Aluminum Records will be available for an optional donation, on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Besides making music, members of the Aluminum family wear many hats (both literally and figuratively!) Sometimes we host live music or art shows. Sometimes we write zines. Sometimes we participate in or even start social justice campaigns. And sometimes we get together for a nice glass of whiskey (preferably Canadian or Irish).

Aluminum Records is banner under which we can all embody the DIY spirit while working collectively to bring up ourselves and those around us.

This site is a hub for Aluminum Records activities and related stuff. Now go download some free music and tell your friends.

– Your Friends at Aluminum Records

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