By Robin and the Hoods 2011.

  • Mike McBain: Drums
  • Chadd Froman: Guitar & Vocals
  • Zach Sargent: Bass
  • Robin Rosecrans: Trumpet
  • Felicia Lape: Vocals

Recording: Luke & Logan
Produced by: Luke & Logan


Winter Song
I can’t wait till summer,
because all the leaves that fell this past year
have been buried underneath a blanket of broken dreams.
I think it’s time to rake the yard and get all of those dead things out of the way.
And let some new dreams grow up towards the sun,
because I think that’s where all living things come from.
Don’t let them get you down or kick you around today,
because we’ve got the whole world yea we’ve got room to play!

I missed you sittin’ on that swing set
on those September days
when we used to dream about moving away.
But now you’re gone and I’m still here.
Thanks for that beer you bought me
last week when you came to visit me.

Walking on those paths we used to walk
and now we never talk
because your too far away
to share my company.
It’s too bad you’re not here to make some memories
because we have some good ones
and there’s plenty of room for more

And we just wanted to be
anywhere but herrrreerrree!
So I’ll sit around on this swing set
and save this seat for youuuuu!
So I’ll sit around on this swing set
and save this seat for youuuuu!

Body in the Centerfold
Body in the centerfold
only for the young to hold
It feels like you’ve struck gold,
your blood runs cold

Now this is the ending
it’s time to move on
but you want to hold on
to something that’s not there

It doesn’t take a whole lot of time for a lot to happen.
I can see the fire in your eyes was burning bright,
but now you’re taking chances,
and you fell for the disguise, again.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of smoke in the sky
to tell me that we’re dying.
So take these moments when rainbows reach across the sky
because now I feel alive, again.

And distractions
can cause disasters but I don’t care.
With all these anxious actions,
I just can’t bare.
So take me to the places that I long to go.
Whoa oh oh …

It doesn’t take a whole lot of thought
to put your mind at ease,
but the stars don’t shine as bright anymore because the lights from all these cities
are breaking up the sky, again.

Little Different
Sometimes I wish it were a little different.
Maybe, somehow like it used to be.
Where are those feelings we had?
And are we getting old when people at the show are just standing?
Let’s move around a little,
show some feeling,
show everyone we still care.

Cause I sure as hell feel a little different.
People are changing,
the weather is moving
and the smoke is filling up different rooms.

And that’s when I saw you.
Purple and blue the room was attacked with love.
And even though your words are still new.
Hey little different you taught me so much!

Wash Away
Lazy? Or am I maybe
losing track of time?
I’ve always had this fear
of losing my mind. And I hope
I don’t grow old and alone.
This constant wonder of where to call my home.
So I just…

So I just sit here wondering what’s best for me.
This rock it’s spinning, it’s spinning and oh so dizzying. So we just
attach ourselves to the things that we just are,
but these buildings aren’t the only thing falling apart,
so we just…

So we just wash
everything away
with these songs
that we play!…

Pick Up Our Hearts
We have no one to save ourselves from this thing called life
so we just try to find a way to save ourselves for tonight

Pick up guitars and pick up our hearts
Pick up our voices and scream
so loud that our neighbors can hear
I’m sorry but this is just how I release
all the bad things inside of me

I have no one to save myself from this empty heart in my chest
And even though it gets me down, I’ll still try to hide it.
Like all the rest. So let’s!

And I just wanna say that everything will be ok
And I just wanna say
Everything will be ok!
Everything will be ok!
Everything will be ok!
If we just!